Cap Ardennes Events is a team of professionals who are passionate about organising and animating sporting or recreational activities, with respect for nature. Our team, from the business and sports world, puts its multi-disciplinary talent at the service of the realization of your event or your stay.

Our proven experience in the organisation of open-air events enables us to act as a provider of activities or events agency.

Thanks to our network of professionals and experts known for their serious approach and expertise, we also offer you many original and unexpected activities. As a specialist in outdoor events, we also take care of all or part of the logistical aspects of your events.

CAP ARDENNES EVENTS is located on the edge of the Lac des Vieilles Forges, in the heart of the Ardennes massif, not far from the Meuse and Semoivalleys, and has a network of partners that allows CAP ARDENNES EVENTS to operate in the entire department. Cap Ardennes Events has been part of the departmental network since 2015.

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